(Hawt Debut) Jumper by Andy Shinhwa

Posted: February 18, 2009 in English, Music
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Pic credits : allkpop

I listen to YES single n it stuck in my head the soonest ^^

I like their Inki Gayo debut, so i post that live stage compare  to their MuBank debut …

I think they have the skills to grab people’s attention..

I like the rapper..

Enjoy !!!

Members :

Kim Rok Hyun 18 years – Leader Vocal
Park Dong Min 21 years – Rap (This guy super hawt-looks like actor Lee Minki – even hawter i think)

The MV – not too Good in my opinion.. but the song is great so forgiven 🙂

Great Debut in SBS Inki Gayo Feb 15,2009

  1. tub says:

    hope they are doin fine.

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