(Hawt) Update : Gu Junpyo’s upcoming episode photos!!

Posted: February 15, 2009 in Celeb Updates, drama, English
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Credits : imuyachan @ wordpress + newsen for pictures if taken out

As I previously posted (about the spoiler of 2nd season of Korean Boys over Flowers), now, I will share u the pictures for the upcoming episodes.Pictures of uri Gu Junpyo wangja ^^ It’s him in his heir training activity.


In the 2nd season, as the spoiler said it will be more like the Japan version.


In the episode 13, the Shinhwa group will signed a strategic partnership with JK group, which will reveal the arranged fiancée of GJP named Ha Jaegyeong – the heiress of the JK group.


Definitely can’t wait for the 2nd season.


Though I know, GJP will be end up still with GJD, it’s still very interesting to see their struggling and love story.


Picture below, full credits to my all time favorite  Newsen.


Enjoy !


gjp2 gjp3 gjp4

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    your a hansam boy

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