SS501 : Watch MBC Star Dance Battle SS501 versus SuJu

Posted: February 14, 2009 in English, Music
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Ok,it’s a bit late i know, yet, this is a great performance that shudn’t be missed..

MBC Star Dance Battle SS501 vs SuJu (Jan 25, 2009)

SS501 : They’re smocking HAWTTTTT !! omo, i already knew that Kyu is so good in dancing when he appeared in the drama and imitating Rain in several shows. As for Mangnae, I also realize his dancing skills in SS501 MVs. BUT, what shocking me is how uri Youngsaengee could dance so darn HAWTTTTT and GREATTTT !!! These 3 boys are so darn hotttttt ^^ The dancings suit the beat 🙂

SuJu: I should say that they have a good dancing skills. And they’re also a great entertainer, all they do is only one great goal, which is to entertain people. I think they danced very well, yet giving a different atmosphere..

When u see SS501 : u think “Darn, they’re smocking hawt”

When u see SuJu  : u think  “Wow, they’re a great dancer and a great entertainer”

I don’t know how to say this in the most suitable words,  let’s just say that these 2 are GREAT in a different way ^^

Cheers to all ELF ^^

  1. Karen says:

    do you know what ss501 danced to besides “bring out the freak in you”-lil rob, like the other songs after it??? please tell me

  2. m says:

    the second song is “2Pac – still ballin”

  3. loluo-chan says:

    How come SS501 didn’t particepate in games like the other groubs >.<
    😦 really feel sad for that thing
    I want to see them playing games 😦

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