Eps 3 : this one is also really good. I like how Joonpyo expressed his feelings thru various ways towards Jandi ^^ In Korean version, Joonpyo realized that Jandi likes Jihoo, yet he’s more mature than the previous 2 versions, since he stays calm and even helping Jandi out from an awkward situation when she saw the kissing scene betwee Jihoo n his noona. I must say that Minho is really a great actor ^^ I aso like how Jihoo expressed his feeling towards his noona- Hyunjoong leader is really doing a great acting learning- since he isn’t trapped with the previous characters of Rui / Lei (Japan/Taiwan version) instead he gave us viewers another taste of Rui character ^^ This episode contains the kissing scene between Jihoo and his noona – so prep urself (man, the kissing will envy  u all ^^)

Eps4 : this episode contains the scene when Jandi’s so called ‘bestfriend’ set her up with the club guy. N when the photos seen by Joonpyo-u can guess how mad and dissapointed he is- The different with the previous 2 versions are : here Jandi said :”I don’t care if u believe me or not, but this is not true.” Yet, in the previous versions, she said : “I don’t care if other people disbelieve me, as long as you believe me !”

So, there’s a different interpretation in this scenes, yet, it makes us think that in the Korean version the Jandi character isn’t in love with Joonpyo at this point. Yet, me has a different opinion,  I think, it’s good, bcoz at this point Jandi shouldn’t be at this ‘in love’ phase since she was in love/adore/whatever u wanna call it with Jihoo rite.. so i think this interpretation is the closest to the reality. But, I can’t tell exactly that way too, since Jandi was crying when she heard that Joonpyo disbelieve her and left her in the room and let the rest of the students bullied her..

In this episode too, you can watch SS501 performed U R Man @ the club (The Dongsaengs support his hyung ^^)

Video of the making of SS501 Cameo in Korean BOF eps 4

Credits : ffjrebmaster @ youtube

Ok, overall, I’m still satisfied with the story development !

Watch eps 3 & 4 with English Subs here

(PS: When u watch it, go to What’s next window (right side) for next part of every eps !)

  1. GJ says:

    OMG! I love them they r so hot. Im so happy they showed up they r awesome! SS501 fighting!

  2. adeela says:

    i think the japanese do it way better than any other. no body can beat matsumoto jun as damyouji tsukasa. even jerry yan play it a bit lame. as for tsukushi, barbie play it the best. all n all i love this series! it just awesome

  3. kerusi says:

    lol adeela im totally the opposite of you. I thought Jerry Yan did a good job but only by an inch Matsumo Jun was good too. Sure Jerry jhad poor acting skills then since he was an inexperienced actor but he managed to have chemistry with the f4 and Shan Cai.

    As of the girl… I prefer Makino.

  4. Imuyachan says:

    Haha.. i guess everyone has their own favorit rite.. ^^ i like the other 2 versions.. yet, i think the Korean version is also giving us another taste of this so called popular manga turn drama ^^ thx 4 coming guys.. visit this blog for more review of this drama ^^ Cheers to y’all..

  5. PiZza says:

    what’s a great idea!i was really suprise when i saw ss501’re singing U R Man..but it makes me uneasy when junpyo said that he wont know who jamdi is!!so sad.:(

  6. Imuyachan says:

    @ PiZza : it is sad, yet, if u read the manga, Junpyo will end up with Jandi no matter what, but still it’s very interesting to see their love story conflict.. i think Hana Yori Dango is the most successful Manga turn Drama , since its 3 versions are really great in their own way… thx 4 coming ^^

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