SS501 : Full Team comeback @ MBC Dec 31st, 2008

Posted: January 4, 2009 in English, Music

Live @ MBC Stage Dec 31st 2008 with Full Team..

U R Man + Dejavu

Credits : honeybur @ youtube

Notes : in Dejavu after 1st chorus something wrong with leader’s, jungmin’s n kyu’s mic.. it was on and off several times, so we can only hear baby n youngsaengee voice clearly… MBC ruined their full team stage.. Man… T_T

But i am happy to see the full team on stage together ^^ SS501 JJANG !!!

Notes : just read from 501bjoo @ youtube account that in fact all artist from this event Gayo Daejun were having problems with their mic.. haishhh thx God, i almost cursing MBC for ruined uri SS501 stage.. haha.. thx to 501bjoo for the info…

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