We Got Married : JoongBo couple farewell trip

Posted: December 8, 2008 in drama, English, Korean Entertainment
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Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation


Hyunjoong & Hwangbo 1st meeting & farewell @ Jeju Island

Dec 7 MBC ‘Sunday night – we got married’, the final breakup of the couple Hyunjoong & Hwangbo was drawn through a travel. A night before the farewell trip shooting , Hwangbo made Hyunjoong  a Samgyetang (Korean Chicken Soup with Ginseng).The two were having a good time while eating the soup.

Hyunjoong is satisfied with Samgyetang which made by Hwangbo. He said,”That’s really good,” repeatedly. Hwangbo said that she made this for him, since she saw that Hyunjoong seemed to have a headache and seemed to have many things in his mind. He said that his current filming drama has several kissing scenes and that’s quite disturbed him.

Hwangbo, “a virtual couple that you can not live forever, yet u can not ignore the time too” and “we are not going to like this program,” . Then when the 2 received the mission envelope, both are in silent and showed blank expressions.


The couple then left to Jeju Island as their first activity on the farewell trip. Their first meeting is also showed in a small box, yet while remembering their first awkward first meeting, the two is now be able to enjoy the ride and had a pleasant time.

In the sand the couple wrote their words. Hwangbo wrote “Your love is happiness” While Hyunjoong wrote”I’m glad I made a lot of good memories, I won’t forget it. I’m sorry I can not wrote SSory” (it’s not a typo, he did write SSory for Sorry-maybe SS501 related too-i’m not really sure)

Hwangbo then carved ‘the end’ (good bye) on his chest. The couple farewell episode will be broadcasted on
December 14, 2008.

  1. Sugar says:

    I can feel the emptiness in their hearts :(. I really believe that they are actually in love to one another 🙂 I am positive that they both miss each other terribly 🙂

    To all Joongbo – Lettuce fans out there, believe in their love and believe in god… “their LOVE will lead them back… together again… as both of them are deeply missing and love each other”

    Lettuce Couple, FIGHTING and God Bless both of you!

  2. kinomichan says:

    I believe in them. yes… !

    Lettuce fighting!

  3. jiae89 says:

    hyunjoong still mine!!!

  4. Xiao Ryn says:

    when I saw Hwangbo cry, i just want to cry too. When Huynjoong said that HwangBo made him changed a lot, I think that is not a lie, since Huynjoong join WGM with HwangBo, he is much more cheerful and smile a lot. This last epsiode is so touched.

  5. mona nonato says:

    Yes i’m also fan of the lettuce couple. How i wish that they will a show together.

  6. Arcee says:

    i really cried a river during their final episode. i sympathize with hwang bo. I can feel the pain in her heart. Up to now i’m still looking for any news about them. Can you update me about them? thanks so much. i will appreciate it so much. as i’ve said, i haven’t moved on.

  7. lulu says:

    Watching the farewell scene I was also touched because Hye jung was really crying and I was more touched when hyun joong asked her “why cry?” and hand over a tissue to her. I can only think that Hyun joong is trying to tell her it’s not yet over for them. . . Well the show is but not them.

    Keeping the faith! I believe because I feel!

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