Ssangchu bubu (Hwangbo – Kim Hyunjoong ssi couple) donated relay team

Posted: November 30, 2008 in Celeb Updates, English, Korean Entertainment
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Credits: UNICEF Korea + imuyachan @ wordpress for English Translation




MBC TV’s ‘We got married’ popular couple, HwangBo  and Kim Hyun-Joong  couple (nickname ‘ssangchu couple’) FANS join a UNICEF sharing movement. On Nov 26, the fans through Daum TV began a two days of UNICEF donation relay , and on Nov 28 @ 5 p.m already gathered estimated 600 people to participate in the fund raising and gain a 10 million won in which the amount of the fund-raising campaign & the Donation Relays continues to expand.


Fans Of The couple donated under their name. On December the couple will left the MBC ‘We got Married’ program and left their fans who loved the couple for sharing the fans their happiness, gratitude, and appreciation during the show.


This action is given by Ssangchu couple fans as a thank you message to the couple. Yet, The Couple fans confident to gain more amount as the couple’s fan base is spread all over the world.


I finally found a more simple article and finished my translation ^^ Ssangchu couple fans jjang !!! More money to help more kids.. U guys are the best !

Indeed a very nice farewell from JoongBo fans…

Comment please…

  1. Sugar says:

    BRAVO! The BEST couple ever! I am really going to miss the “LETTUCE COUPLE” badly!

    To the fans… keep up the excellent work. I wish I can join the fund raising campaign in Korea… God bless and more power to all and let us spread to the whole world the high spirit that God has given us.

    I just wish that this couple will stay together not as a make belief couple but in real as such… they really look so good together…

    Once again, THANK YOU lettuce – joongbo fans for your continued support to our idols. 🙂


  2. ayuchen says:

    can they join the show again later?when they both not busy?(asking with a real high hope)

  3. Arcee says:

    did the joongbo couple knew about these great things done by their fans? How do they respond to this actions? I also wish that can become couple for real. frankly speaking, i haven’t moved on and i’m still hooked to this couple. Praying all the best to both of them, and to you thanks for keeping us posted. GOD BLESS!

  4. aurare says:

    i miss joongbo soooooooooo much.

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