SS501 : Hyunjoong – Youngsaeng : “It’s still difficult after 5 years “

Posted: November 30, 2008 in Celeb Updates, English, Music
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Though they have been like a family after year’s togetherness, they still have awkward moments among them.


In the recent Mnet ‘My Peyiborit’  (Every Wednesday night-11 pm ), it talks about ‘how to break awkwardness between ‘Wonder Girls  Yoobin & So Hee’ and also  ‘SS501 Hyunjoong & Youngsaeng’ after a 5 years togetherness.

Kyujong, Hyungjoon & Youngsaeng as sub group SS501 member appeared in their 1st recording activity (excluded music shows).  While another member Kim Hyun-Joong & Park Jung Min participated through a phone connection and cheered the three members.

Park Jungmin in the middle of his musical practice phoned & said to those 3 “Be Korea’s best three-member group” then he teased them three yet Hyungjoon replied him jokingly said, “Hey! Hey! Ankyeo! ”

On the other hand, the leader Kim Hyunjoong said ” At first, these three should do a hard work with too much interfere from me as a “Big Brother” and he suppressedduring the show ” , he continued : “And now these 3 are too good, later on, 5 of us will be super great together”, saying it with his witty tone.

Kim Hyun-Joong & other members attracted people’s attention while talking in such a courteous tone.  Strange & awkward between Hyunjoong & Youngsaeng , which he stated as his friend and brother and he said ” Keep up the hard work Youngsaeng-aa?”. “YES!” But then Kim Hyunjoong continued “we’ve been brothers for 5 years, and we need to say this kind of words?” created burst of laughter in the studio.


SS501 with their so called frank talks will be aired on Mnet ‘My Peyiborit’ on Wednesday, Dec. 3 @ 11 pm Korea Standard Time (KST)

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