Watch: SS501 Hyunjoong in Korean Boys over Flowers Poster Photoshoot

Posted: November 29, 2008 in drama, Korean Entertainment
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The Poster photoshoot video is out..



Enjoy !

  1. sunchansovannsi says:

    I like f4(korean , Japan , chines) I want to see them.

  2. Louise says:

    once i lay my eyes on this korean drama… never i did i missed one of their episodes and looking forward to it until it was finished… I have no idea of the korean actors and actresses before since we do have here korean drama dubbed in our langauge but that’s it only those korean dramas that i’ve watched in our local network and finally just surfing the youtube I found this boys over flowers just curious what is all about and then get hooked to it and find the website that i can watched totally the episodes.. I love alll the 4 boys i’ve watched the taiwan and japanese F4 version but this korean is great… i can’t get enough of the leading stars.. and stilll have hang over for them to watch more of those actors and actresses… goodluck guys… CONGRATULATIONS!!! I LOVE KIM HYUN JOONG AND KIM BUM

  3. laquajuana says:

    i love this drama lee min ho is so cute and so are the other guys. i love jandi she is so sweet and kind i wish i could be her friend she seems so sincere i know she is just a character but it takes a really sweet person to be that kind and loving character i wish that this show would never have to come to an end it is so great, and amazing i sometime skip going to work jus to see it i love the whole group but i think they should’ve told more about wubin he was hot too and sweet

  4. lynda says:

    i’m from malaysia.I really like this drama.

    love lesson!!
    i think jihu love for jandi is the true love.Love does’nt mean you have to ownn him/her.the most important thing is see the one that you love happy in their love…i love jihu role in this drama…

    to producer you can ask me if you want to find a ‘soulmate’ for jihu.he…he…

  5. missy says:

    i’m missy from the Philippines.
    this Korean series is one of my favorite..jandi and jun pyo are very good to look really shows that he has feelings for jandi..jandi and jun pyo for life ! wish they’l have a tour here in the philippines. tnx .

  6. marilou says:

    ..hi… all of you are so handsome.. call this # 09…thank you

  7. hello kim hyun joong i hope i see you in personal

  8. daisy says:

    cute po nin u

  9. AFHH says:

    hello kim hyun joong,
    how do you do?
    when do you go to indonesia?
    i think, your very very cool.

  10. blake(jivak) says:

    this is great i love f4 though its so hung up to one another.seems ji hoo is the one who understands the meaning of love so h edoes wat he has to do and casanova rocks he is the one always ready to help in any way he u ji hoo and casanova u rock.he yo.aanyong

  11. anita manokore says:

    i don’t usually watch dramas and sieries but when i watched this i was like omg. i like the one who acts as YIGEONG i love you i love you x 100000000000000000000000

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