(HAWT)SS501 : Vote ‘U R Man’ single in Mnet countdown !!

Posted: November 22, 2008 in English, Korean Entertainment, Music
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Right after the single released to the music scene yesterday, the single hit the 4th position of Mnet chart !!!


Please support the boys and vote for them..

Here are ways to vote the boys !

Credits : Anum Umer @ facebook

this is a daily thing..
click on the 4th box that says “foreigner” and the rest of it is in english..
make an acct ..
u can make 5 per email.
u can make all the 5 or more accts.. then u can vote =D
click on the box next to SS501 (SS501 # 4)
Here is the actual page for voting after u have logged in http://mnet.mnet.com/NProgram/mcountdown/Poll.asp
And then scroll down put in number displayed at bottom in box 

And click the button next to it or press enter…
if u need anymore just ask me.. make sure that ur vote counted by noting the number change…
thank you soo much.
Triple S fighting. SS501 fighting ♥


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