SS501 : Nov 15, 08 Fan Meeting with Triple S !

Posted: November 11, 2008 in Celeb Updates, English, Korean Entertainment, Music
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Credits : newsen + imuyachan @ wordpress for English translation

Idol Group SS501 will held their fan meeting with their fan club Triple S on November 15,2008.

The event will be held @ the Olympic Fencing Stadium in Seoul. Each member of SS501 besides giving group performance will also show their solo stage. Estimated will be more than 11 songs will be performed by the idol group. Yet, the new sub group Triple S, consist of: Heo Yeongsaeng, Kim Kyujong & Kim Hyungjoon is also plan to perform their 1st public appearance in the fan meeting.

For this event, estimated 6000 stadium seats are provided for the Triple S.During the event, the group will also publish their Pictorial Book titled ‘Photo 501’ which shown the group activities in the last 6 months. 

SS501 agency DSP Entertainment said that SS501 has been so busy going back & forth between South Korea and Japan, since they are focusing in overseas activities. That’s why during the fan meeting the group will give their best performances in front of Korean Triple S.

Omo, I wished I could go n cheer for them T_T I think this is also confirmed that the group won’t be attending the MKMF Festival award which being held at the same day. Another reason for not watching MKMF then.. I wished their fan meeting is also live broadcasted T_T green balloon seas aja aja !! Send my love message thru your green balloon okay ^^



  1. Iam says:

    Wow!!! HyunJoong-ssi will be there, although I love the other boys too. HJ had time to come back to Korea from his busy HYD filming, for his fans. Hope and HwangBo get to see each other. JongBo fighting!!!

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