SS501: Sexy Charisma Park Jungmin lost 7 kg for Danny’s Grease Musical Stage!

Posted: November 8, 2008 in Celeb Updates, English, Korean Entertainment
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Credits : newsen + (English translation) imuyachan @ wordpress

Acting in Musical ‘Grease’ had required a 7 kg reduction of SS501 Sexy Charisma Park Jungmin. 
In an interview with Newsen Park Jungmin said, that his previous figure is too heavy for Danny’s role and in order to perform perfectly in the musical role he needed to reduce another 7 Kg in order to meets Danny’s figure.The previous Park Jungmin was weighed about 72kg. And in this new picture he weighed 65 kg . He has lost about 6 ~ 7kg. 

According to Jungminee, he felt that he needs to align himself in the musical and in particularly in this Grease project, Danny should looked great. Since, as Danny there will be lots of dancing to express the youth.

Park Jungmin is originally an actor pursuer, yet his career was started as the member of popular idol SS501. N now, when the opportunity comes, it will be bad to missed it, though according to Jungmin, it wasn’t postponing the original goal yet only the timing were a little late.

Park Jungmin himself is full of expectations and wants to gain more and more. Thats why he believes that in order to be succeed he needs to do the best in anything. 

More about this @ newsen

Omo, Jungminee looks so different, I did’t realize it was him at first !

I think he looks hawter though ^^

Gluck to Uri SS501 Sexy Charisma Park Jungmin !!



  1. vy anh says:

    jungmin sexy and beuatiful

  2. park says:

    i love park ^^ ❤

    is soo sexse @_@

  3. Jung min my snow prince "" says:

    Saranghaeyo my snow prince !!!! You are so…….

  4. MaQueen says:


  5. rema says:

    ilove you my lovely jung min you so handsome and manly love you

  6. kim taeyeon says:

    jung min my bestie is very cute

  7. Li iola says:

    you’re the best sunbae! hohoho!

  8. khing says:

    hello, Jung min
    This mail is the second mail for u.I don’t know u got first mail.But this mail is second mail for u!
    I am Myanmar girl. I like u best in Korea singer.I want to be friend of u and all of u (ss501).
    I wish u get this mail.
    That’s all.
    Next time I send u many words.Now I don’t know what i m tell u.



    • Imuyachan says:

      hello khing…this is my ss501 fanblog, so there’s no way jungmin will reply ur e-mail via this blog dear…u shud send mail to dsp media website which he might read ur e-mail over the website… yet, thx 4 coming 😀

  9. ~KRIZZLESS501~ says:


  10. lovee jungminee says:

    Anyone noe when SS501 will come Singapore ?? I LOVE Jung Min !! ++Gt any pictures of jung min pouting his lips ?? If possible update me on their everymove !!

  11. nathacha says:

    jung min kawaiiii!!

  12. jung tao says:

    i love you jung min!!

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