Imuyachan’s Highlight : FT Island’s Lee Honggi

Posted: October 30, 2008 in English, Just blogging, Music
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I always like FTI since their debut. I think this group has been giving a different taste in the KPOP scene. Their music is also one of the main reason, why I like this group. So,though I cannot called myself a very avid fan, yet I like these boys songs very much. My attention to this group is even higher when I watch their  monologue in Arirang Showbiz Extra. Continued with ‘gyoo’ performance from the lead vocalist Lee Honggi in  Family Outing. Omo, he is such a kindhearted person n I just loved how he is so nice to those 2 onni. Felt like he’s even acting nice to all the noona (including me) hahaha.. Anyway, though I like them so much I never paying attention to their age, yet when i found out that the oldest are STILL 18 years old.. OMOOOOOO… i’m such a noona for them TT_TT haha.. but, i think their music still targeting an older woman (my age-twenty sumthin noona) coz as Honggi said in his Monologue, his voice sounds more mature than his age… Anyway, I think the KPOP scene should give this boys more attention, coz they brought a very different atmosphere among those boybands ^^ Uri FTI , noona saranghaeyo ^x^ Uri Honggi .. Noona sarangaheyo ^^ Hahahaa……

Honggi’s profile

  • Name: Lee HongKi/HongGi (Korean: 이홍기)
  • Birthday: February 6, 1990
  • Height:176 cm
  • Weight:60 kg
  • Education: Booljung Elementary School, Yangyoung Middle School, SeongJi High School (Korean: 성지고등학교)
  • Position: Lead Vocals
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Hobbies: Singing, listening to music, soccer, playing games (board and Internet)
  • Family: Parents, younger sister
  • Talents: Singing, soccer
  • Nickname: Cute Defiance, Hairy HongKi
  • Charisma point: The way his eyes look when he smiles
  • Fashion: Layers (T-shirts over sleeves), rings when performing
  • Music experience: He was originally studying both music and acting because his goal was to be an all-around entertainer.
  • Message to future girlfriend: “잘해보자! 잘하지 못해도 이해해줘~” (Let’s do our best! Even if I don’t do well, please understand me~)

Watch FTI MVs

FT island Let’s Go. Cred : charchar25 @ youtube

A very nice early time MV indeed.. Honggi is so ‘gyooo …’

[MV Part 1] FT Island – HEAVEN + Loving You ENG subbed . Cred : ktinsj @ youtube

Their latest work from Colourful Sensibility part 2

More FTI here

  1. ikram says:

    i really really love you FT ISLAND

  2. veroneeca says:

    i relly iuv jae jin a looot.

  3. almira says:

    f.t.island fighting…!-philippines

  4. nicole says:


  5. negin says:

    how can i download his beautiful cry???:(
    please upluad this concert in or
    thanks a lot:-*

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