Oct 26, was the end of Seoul Hallyu Festival 2008. And on Oct 24, 2008, SS501 performed as one of the guest star in Asia Aid Concert stage along with TVXQ, SG Wanna Be+, Lee Jihoon, Lee Dong gun, Kim Jeong hoon. I was waiting for best videos , yet, up until now, I can only get the fancams or out of sync videos T_T

But, to avoid your curiosity, I will post these videos first, yet if I found a better video, I will change the video postings :p

My comments : SS501 is totally in their best season ^^ Yup, with leader appearance in WeGotMarried, indeed has brought many new fans towards the group (i’m one of them). In this concert, U can see that all people are enjoying their performances. Though, Triple S are all gathered in the up left corner (stage ‘point of view’), but I can see that people are enjoying their performances, u can hear the screams and sing alongs ^^. They sang 4 songs : FIND, the 1st ever LIVE for ‘You’re My Heaven‘, A song calling for you, and of course Deja vu. A total hawtness performances, that is why I do hope better video from this concert will be released soon *pray*.

So, for now, please enjoy these first !!! Video divided by songs.

Deja vu from spottv. credits to : hl821 @ youtube

Deja vu by fancam. Credits to : Yume216 @ youtube

A song calling for you by fancam. Credits to : Yume216 @ youtube

FIND, You’re my heaven, talk with Chae yeon, A song calling for you

Credits to : my0my0my @ youtube (audio out of sync)

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    hi all

    please vote 4 our boys here


    MKMF 2008 voting for oversea-fans

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