SS501 : KyuJoon is paying a visit to Lettuce Couple @ WGM eps 32

Posted: October 26, 2008 in drama, English, Korean Entertainment
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I haven’t get the Eps 31 of Lettuce Couple, maybe it will be upped in the next hours, i will put it here the soonest i see the videos ^^ It’s upped already, go here 

Yet, the highlight of eps 32 from Lettuce Couple  is already upped ^^ It seems, uri SS501 centre Kyujongee and SS501 mangnae Hyungjoonee will pay a visit to uri Lettuce Couple ^^ Fyi, Kyujongee is the one with stripes yet Hyungjoonee is the other one. Just in case ure not familiar with SS501, Yes i didn’t typo the names, since the leader is Kim Hyunjoong while mangnae (youngest in group) name is Kim Hyungjoon.. so, it’s Triple Kim reunion indeed ^^v  Yeah, kinda confusing rite :p Haha, but  u’ll get used to it ^^ coz, no one will possibly not love these boys…. they’re way too cute . OK…. nuff of fangirling ^^v here is the video. ENJOY !

Credits to : JoongBoSkittles03 @ youtube

  1. akaiito says:

    hi all

    please vote 4 our boys here

    MKMF 2008 voting for oversea-fans

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