One of the main reason why i like SS501 is besides the very humble member personality, is of course their great voice n their nice songs. I like their Korean or Japanese album. Yet, their Japanese album performances are so hard to find. I kinda like their Japanese performances more, bcoz they performed it all LIVE !! (exception for the performances during Youngsaeng’s throat irritation during their fan meeting back then!). I don’t know why, but most Korean singers are always sometimes performed lipsync when they get back to Korea even thou they have great LIVE stage skills (this is including BoA, SS501 n DBSK) hix… T_T … Anyway, that is why I only like singer or group when i know they can performed LIVE or they performed an acapella .. u know like my voice proven test…. haha…N yes, SS501 had passed my exam ^^v So, even though I don’t like when they do lipsync – I will forgive them since I know they can actually sing….. Anyway, I just found their LIVE Japanese album performance. Do Enjoy !!!!!!

Video credits to : MnetJP + hairu@yapblog +501bjoo @ youtube

TSJ Summer Festival : Live! & Distance

TSJ Summer Festival : Intro + Playing Games

TSJ Summer Festival : Playing Games

TSJ Summer Festival : Playing Games (Mangnae got bullied ^^ Haha..)

TSJ Summer Festival : Summer Blue + lucky Days

~Marina Frisca~Just Another Triple S~

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