Ok, no one has finished subbed this video, so if until tomorrow afternoon the Eng subbed version hasn’t been released I will subbed it for u guys !

Ok, finally the sub’s version released. This is a cut from the highlight. The subber, still keep the important moments. Yet, it’s only estimated 5 minutes only, since JoongBo couple is together with other couples.

Enjoy !!!

Credits to : MarriedSubs @ youtube

What to notice :

1. Marco looks weird when he sees HJ’s calming down HB

2. It is revealed that, Marco n HB are good friends (photo proven) yet there’s also rumours saying that Marco is the so called model who chased Hwangbo ( as per her interview back then-d’u guys remember? )

Haha.. this is getting interesting ^^

Note : I only put JoongBo videos bcoz am a JoongBo fan. So, don’t asked me to put other couple videos. But, if u need the links to watch it i will share it. Just easily drop a comment below..

~Marina Frisca~Another Triple S~Another JoongBo fan~

  1. melody says:

    gosh will you really do that… i was up all morning waiting for the but none came…ugh…

  2. j says:

    Thank you!! I’ve been waiting and checking all sites several times a day since sunday for the english subs.

  3. karthi says:

    hey since no one has subbed we got married, can you do it?? THnx

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