SBS Inki Gayo MC did Son Dambi’s Micheosseo ??

Posted: October 20, 2008 in English, Music
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Music Scene, Oct 19,2008  


Performance of Inki Gayo MC ‘Heo Ijae’ to Son Dambi ‘Micheosseo’ dances has been surprising everyone.

SBS Inki Gayo Oct 19,2008 edition, showed the famous chair choreography dance of micheosseo song of Son Dambi, who has been gain more attention from the moment she released her Bad Boy single, while previously already recalled as the female Bi.


Micheosseo is featured Eric Shinhwa who had been joining the Military In October >_<.  Micheosseo sounds Retro psychedelic, yet it’s also a kind of an all time dance music *agree* . And Eric Shinhwa, was writing and directing the rap lyrics and also rapping in the songs.


News Source : Newsen

Translated by : Marina Frisca

Credits to : newsen + (English translation) marinastory @ wordpress


Son Dambi usually had a difficult dance moves yet showed her dance skills. As for her recent songs, I don’t think it shows her dancing skills, thou I have to admit that seeing the Inki gayo MC dance to her moves, will be very interesting 2 see  :p

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