Review : Jdrama ‘Spring Story’

Posted: October 20, 2008 in drama, English, review
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Casts : Oguri Shun, Nishihara Aki


Watch Online with English sub here


It’s basically a regular high school romance story. Yet, I kinda have similar experience ^^, so the drama successfully dragged me. Of course Oguri Shun is also one of the main factors to watch the drama. The story started with the meeting of Akane (Nishihara Aki) & Kei (Oguri Shun). The meeting showed that it’s an important one!!! This is like the main message of the drama.. Words from Kei to Akane back then (as shown below) would lead them to their relationship future…


After the flashback line appeared, the drama set moved to their high school time, n then the drama flew naturally as they grew up from high school-er to an adult one :p  


I personally like the relationship between those 2, they have this non status relationship, yet they know how they felt each other-these moments successfully made me speechless n felt the old times Goosebumps :p haha.. I like how, these 2 loved yet they also supports each other dreams :p Not being so self centre u know ^^ Now, that’s what I called a true love indeed ^^  


The only weakness in my POV is the drama duration. It’s only an hour drama. I think it’s too short T_T Haha… u can’t get nuff Oguri in an hour rite ^^v Wished they made this into several episodes drama instead a short drama :p


One thing that I don’t understand is why this drama so less popular compared to other Oguri’s works? Since, it has a very nice story.


Anyway, I rate this short drama a 4 stars out of 5. Do watch it! If u are an Oguri fan, ure a lovebird or u just looked for the old times Goosebumps from high school or college time but u dislike ‘a way too complicated love story’, then Spring Story is the answer!!

  1. dragonrider888 says:

    I agree that the drama (movie?) was too short, it would have been nice to see more of the two together so that we, as an audience, can see for sure whether or not they are meant to be together. I like how it ended, it’s not totally conclusive yet cute and somehow fitting. I liked seeing Oguri Shun play this character. I found Akane’s make-up to be a little strong sometimes, though 🙂

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