I am closing the polling n here’s the result !

Okay, welcoming the upcoming 2008 MKMF Award, i do have few objections towards the Nominee list, like why SS501, Lee Minwoo or Son Dambi (few names 2 mention) didn’t get into the nominee list.. since there’s no clear criteria to be one of the nominee.. yet, oh well, i can’t do anything anyway, so in order to cheered me up n the rest of u guys who’s having difficulties to vote directly in MKMF site, I made this marinastory version of 2008 MKMF Award – I just want to know among u guys (my blog reader), who will be ur choice for each category, yet I only put poll for Singer main Category.

Hope u will have fun in voting here ^^v The voting will be closed on Nov 14. So, we can see whether our voting result prediction will be the same as the real MKMF result or not ^^v

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