Kim Minhee the new ‘Fashion Icon’ ?

Posted: October 12, 2008 in Celeb Updates, English, Korean Entertainment
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Actress Kim Minhee’s fashion style; baggy pants & boots are invading all fashionista.

 Kim Minhee in her current airing drama “Love & Marriage” at KBS2 TV has been influencing a new fashion genre. Fashion style such as: loose t-shirt, blouses ,ankle boots and not forgetting the sneakers as her fashion style in the drama being loved by the viewers.

Related to this, at the recent fashion show of Kai Aakmann, this fashion invasion is also influenced the fashion show attendees whom being seen using black baggy pants, with striped T-shirt, ankle boots, n not to mention the various pattern.


News source : newsen

Translated by : Marina Frisca

Credits to : newsen + (English translation) marinastory @ wordpress if taken out

 I guessed, her ‘first to be guessed as a lousy’ fashion style (not to mention sworing at her drama fashion stylist), proven succeeded invading all fashionista. I guess, despite her ‘way too skinny’ body figure, her fashion style @ her Love & Marriage drama, has gotten better n better, thou sometimes, the bad taste, giving it’s little appearance :p haha.. Kim Minhee ssi chukahaeyo ^^ U are succeeded being the new Fashion icon :p

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