Clazziquai’s Horan to star in musical, “SHOUT”!

Posted: October 12, 2008 in Celeb Updates, English, Korean Entertainment
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Clazziquai’s Horan will star in the musical “SHOUT” from late October through the beginning of next year. The musical is about the vibrant lives of five women symbolized through the colors yellow, green, orange, blue and red. Horan will play the passionate lead role of red. Her performance will show off her dancing skills, which viewers haven’t seen yet. Interest in Horan’s transformation and the musical itself is high.

credits to : arirang

I always admire her voice :p N, definitely congratulates her, in her new career project – a musical show- i bet she will do great ^^ Guess, many celebs are going musical shows lately, u know : Big Bang Seungri n Daesung, upcoming SS501 Jungmin yet now Horan from the great Clazziquai project is also doin the same thing  ^^ Well, if this is already a regular side project from other Korean celebs, at least it’s a new one from my fave Korean celeb  :p

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