Ok, the latest work of Uri SS501 is singing the soundtrack for the movie titled HEARTBREAK LIBRARY.

Here’s a brief detail about the movie:

Eun-Soo (Eugene), a librarian watches for book vandalism that currently happens in the library. One day, she catches Jun-Oh (Lee Dongwook) tearing off certain page of books. Eun-Soo accuses him of vandalism but soon discovers the complex story behind his actions. Jun-Ohs girlfriend suddenly leaves him with only a mysterious note. Look up page 198.

Jun-Ohs girlfriend was a bibliophile and she checked out books regularly at the library. Jun-Oh goes to the library and tears out page 198 from every book he comes in touch. As Eun-Soo has been through the same situation, she gives him an advice saying that he has to let her go if she really meant it. However, looking at Jun-Oh torn apart by his love, Eun-Soo starts to help him decipher the messages on page 198 of several books.

(Casts : Eugene , Lee Dongwook. Released date : Oct 23, 2008)

Pic & Movie detail credits to : asianmediawiki

SS501-Watching You (Heartbreak Library Ost.) MV.

Credits : 501bjoo @ youtube

Heartbreak Library Trailer. Credits : freeta @ youtube

This is like a dream comes true for me !! The Cast is Lee Dongwook oppa (whom I liked so much ..very much … n any other much hahaha :p) then the Ost singer is my superb fave SS501 !!!!!!! Omo.. i can’t say nuff words to describe my feelings :p Thou, I hope the movie will be as great as the cast n the Ost. singer :p All da success for both Movie & Ost !

  1. Nany says:

    I like the song v much, it’s a good song & SS501 is my fave. All the best for SS501!!

  2. Hi Nany ^^ I also like the song :p SS501 always sings great soundtracks ^^ starting from Surgeon Bong Dal hee-Strongest chilwoo-Heartbreak Library , all are great songs :p I’m glad u like it ^^ If I get the full version (not mv ripped) i will share it ASAP ^^ Thx 4 coming :p

  3. Vicky says:

    very deeply song…as from my first time to hear I like this song very much and the especially reason that I like this song as it’s Heartbreak Library OST.Movie that Lee Dong Wook is the lead actor. Very thank you for your kind to share this song.

  4. hi Vicky ^^ This is indeed a great song ^^ thx 4 dropping by ^^ Enjoy the movie & of course the Ost :p

  5. frisca says:

    hi.. where can i get the song? it’s just so good.. haha.. ^^

  6. aprilmom says:

    Maybe SS501 can release special edition of all OST music they have done ? Do they have to ask special permission to do that from producers of film ?

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