Son Dam Bi ‘Not just another pretty singer’

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Celeb Updates, English, Korean Entertainment, movie, Music
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Son Dambi last month released her 2nd mini album, with the catchy single Gone Crazy featuring Eric Shinhwa. Here’s a complete track list :

01 미쳤어 (Michyeosseo; Gone Crazy) (feat. Eric of Shinhwa)
02 투명인간 (Tumyeongingan; Invisible Person)
03 no sympathy
05 미쳤어 (Michyeosseo; Gone Crazy) (Instrumental)

Download Michyeosseo

LIVE 21.09.08 Son Dambi (손담비) – 미쳤어 (Are you Crazy). Cred : jaeurazn1live @ youtube

Pic credits to : newsen

I personally like her since her 1st debut that featured great singles as Cry Eye & Honja n continued up until now :p Yet, due to lack promotions and high competition, she rarely getting the attention. Now, she’s back with her 2nd mini album, n i should say that i lurp the Gone Crazy track. The track is so catchy and stucked in my head from the 1st moment i heard the song :p Great job !! N now, she’s being one of the new couple for We Got Married show together with Marco (chukahaeyo !!) & she is also going to spread her wings to Hollywood for a movie appearance. N her latest appearance  with Shinhwa Lee Minwoo was also great :p Minwoo is also featured her in his track ‘Hot’. I guessed uri Shinhwa oppa also can’t stand of her hawtness :p Hahaha :p Great job dambi ssi ^^ Gluck in eveything u do ^^ I will always support U ^^ Just keep practicing n am sure u’ll get there ^^v to the Superb Celeb status ^^ hwaiting !!

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