Shin Hye-sung to hold an Asia tour starting this October!

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Celeb Updates, Korean Entertainment, Music
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Shin Hye-sung, who recently released his 3rd album and is active with the rock title song “Because Of You,” will hold an Asia tour. He’ll start with a concert in Seoul this October and hit China’s Shanghai, Japan’s Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka and Thailand until November. He’s currently working out venue specifics and smaller details. A focus of his tour is Japan, where Shin Hye-sung love is so intense, fans recently formed a fan club called “Always Hyesung.” His musical range has expanded in his 3rd album, including everything from ballads to rock. We look forward to Shin Hye-sung’s most colorful concert ever!

Credits to : arirang

 Comeback performance from Sep 29, 2008 KBS Music Bank (cred :80sLN @ youtube)

Oppa chukahaeyo !!! I’m so happy for his succeed solo activities ! He has such a great voice, so no wonder to see his successness as a solo artist :p i wished he visit at least Spore so I can go T_T Anyway, hyesung oppa fighting !! All da best for u from me ‘SHINHWA CHANGJO’ !!

  1. dina says:

    Yap, I agree with Marina, at least hyesung could visit s’pore since it’s the possible place I could see him live in concert.

    Marina, please contact me at if you would like to be my friend since both of us are hyesung’s big fans. thx.

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