Ssangchu couple – We Got Married Eps 28 (ENG)

Posted: October 6, 2008 in drama, English, Korean Entertainment, review
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Video credits to : jaejoongie soompi & jhelie1 @ youtube

After a long searching, i found the subbed videos ^_^ Here it goes :

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

To be honest, though i’m practically aware that this is a make believe show, I can’t help myself for a bit envying Hwangbo onni since she can be Hyunjoong buin even for a fake one :p n sometimes as other Triple S (SS501 fan) , i might feel a bit jealous seeing their skinship .Though it will be only around several minutes or seconds ^_^ but, as always Hyunjoong leader is always successfully calming us down by doin agyeo or saying sumthin funny n this time he made it once again. I burst into laugh when seeing the scene which he says his so called “Calming Message” (if I may say it that way) to the Triple S haha. ^_^ n by hearing this simple messages from him, I bet had turn me ^^v  n Triple S jealousiness into happiness seeing this popo scene :p Hwangbo onni fighting !! Hyunjoongee fighting !! I cannot love other WGM couple as much as I love this Lettuce couple !! Enjoy the show guys !!  I mean it ;p


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