Wonder Girls ‘The Wonder Years — Trilogy’ Mini Album

Posted: October 2, 2008 in English, Just blogging, Korean Entertainment, Music, review
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Track 1: Intro

It’s a nice intro, yet it’s a ballad n shorter version of Nobody ^^ So, basically it’s a nice one ^^ Graded 4 out of 5.


Track 2: Nobody

Another great catchy upbeat song ^^ I love it, felt u want to dance with the girls when u listen to the song ^^ I really admired JYP’s ability in creating mainstream singles ^^ 2 thumbs up ;p It’s not hard to love these girls all the way if they keep releasing great, unique and very catchy songs like they did up until now ^^ I grade this song 5 out of 5 ^^


Track 3: I tried

This is a very light song yet calming song :p listen to this song while you’re relaxing yourself. At night or while ure staying at ur room in the evening ^_^ Yet, for being too light I can only grade it, 3 out of 5.


Track 4: Saying I love you

The song concept is nice, very easy listening and talked about Love and saying I love U thingy. You can hear voices from the member who’d rarely sing in the previous album, or I should say they rarely sing in many parts ^^ i.e. : Yoobin & Soohee ^^ U can hear Yoobin’s voice in singing n not rapping ^^ Each member sang their part nicely ^^ A very light song, suits for the lovebirds ^^ I grade 4.5 out of 5 :p


Track 5: Nobody (Rainstone Remix)

Just a ballad version of Nobody. It’s like a complete version from the intro :p It’s nice ^^ Yoobin is rapping in the middle with a bit different style- I thought it wasn’t her voice at 1st (this part, differentiate the ballad version with the upbeat version). This song is so addictive whether it’s ballad or upbeat ver.^^ Haha.. JYP is so hella genius :p  Graded as 5 out of 5 ;p


Track 6 : Nobody (Instrumental)

Track 7 : I Tried (Instrumental)

Track 8 : Saying “I Love You” (Instrumental)

Track 9 : Nobody (Rainstone Remix) (Instrumental)


Overall, I’m so happy to hear more of Yoobin n Soohee ^^ Especially I think Soohee is practiced a lot lately ^^ Way to go girl ^^ I believe if she keeps practicing, she will be better n better ^^ It’s possible in the future, that her unique voice cud be this group signature ^^ Just like what Ayumi Hamasaki did with hers :p Way to go girls ^^ n as always my fave ‘Sunye’ is doin great in almost all of her parts ^^ Sunmi is improving too, same thing goes to Ye eun ^^ N Yoobin.. well, she’s been my fave also since Good Enter era ^^ U guys are definitely Wonder Girls :p


I can only share u the nobody single, yet under 1 condition : leave a reply.

For other tracks, please support the artist & purchased the album!

For Online Purchasing goes here: yesasia


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