Posted: September 30, 2008 in Celeb Updates, drama, English, Just blogging, Korean Entertainment
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From K-Drama scene, actor Song Seunghoon (SSH) is definitely on his top popularity again since his comeback to the drama scene.

In drama “East of Eden” (Written by Lee Na-Yeon-sook/ Director Kim Jin, Choi Byung-gil) acted as DONGCHEOL, SSH has been catching the heart of the drama lovers. Due to his popularity, now SSH has been requested to endorse 8 brands. Those brand’s line up are: Cosmetic, car, Appliance, Clothing, Construction, Sports are few to mention. While, SSH agreed to filming the CF but under several condition which is to put the drama as his priority & the CF filming will be adjust to ‘East of Eden” shooting schedule.

Yet, East of Eden rating on Sep 29 is 26.5%( TNS Nation standard) dominating the K-drama scene //


News Source  : Newsen

Translated by : Marina Frisca

Credits to : newsen + marinastory @ wordpress for English translation if taken out

 I agree that SSH is one the best actor comeback this year :p N this drama is definitely shows his marvelous acting skills ^^ So, regarding his successfully comeback result, I just think it will come soon or later :p Congrats to SSH and wished u Good Luck ^^

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