Recap : We Got Married Eps 26 Hyunjoong HwangBo

Posted: September 24, 2008 in drama, English, Just blogging, Korean Entertainment
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Kid groom Kim HyunJoong is a person who can do a mini concert for his HwangBo wife and made her moved and nearly cry. The show started by showing Lettuce couple catch mud fishes in the river for their dinner menu. After dinner, they come up with this game idea n whoever loses the game will do the dishes and and the other game round will forced the loser to perform cute action for their couple. In fact, Hyunjoong lose the game, and he is showing such a cute heart dance to express his heart to his wife.

Even if it’s only a one time show, but Hyunjoong dare to shows a heart dance while saying “Hwangbuin saranghae” which made Hwangbo amazed and shocked seeing him doing an aegyo // n when Hwangbo ran into the kitchen for her shockness and laugh like she was about to die, Hyunjoong also felt so shy so he went out for a while and leave the place.

After the heart dance, HyunJoong continues to his 2nd special birthday party by writing a poem. After he finished it, he called Hwangbo and asked her to come outside. After she arrives, he said that his sorry for not giving her anything as her birthday gift, after that he directly perform a guitar play for her.

HyunJoong play a wonderful melody of the song ‘Falling Slowly’ from the movie ‘Once’, showing his mature side. HyunJoong tells Hwangbo how he really doesn’t know how to show his compassion towards her. “ I was actually has the love thought but I just don’t know how to express it. Since our first meeting, I was actually has no self confidence, think this & that and always worries. But, as time goes by, and all the things that we spend together, which those moments are precious to me, I became accustomed to U. Everyday I wish to watch U.. I love U” and that’s the end of his plays as hwangbo seems so moved and touched by his performance she stays quite.

Then this 4D guy, hasn’t completely end his special show, as he finished his guitar performance, he ask hwangbo to open the guitar case, and after few hesitation (she’s afraid that it’s something that will shocked her more), she finally opens the guitar case and she sees the rest of 995 folding paper crane inside the case. (N this is like the most romantic thing in WGM in my opinion )

In his private interview, he said that he thinks that the crane gift will be perfect at this occasion as a birthday gift. “ I’m happy and in the future hope to be able to adjust and talk more.

Hwangbo too, “ First time meeting, I only sees him as my junior, and I keep it that way all the time // This time, it changes, it was my junior, now seems to be a man, cannot hide that look.

I will miss this idol couple love. How will these 4 couples last memory will be drawn; it’s for us to see ;p

News source  : Newsen Sep 21, 2008

Translated by : Marina Frisca


Please credits to : newsenmarinastory@wordpress  for English translation if taken out

I like this eps so much, thou i know this is a make believe show, but I can’t help myself to think whether HJL fell for real to his buin or not, since he is the 1st person to say saranghae among 4 couples…

What d’u think ??



  1. gorgeouscrazymama says:

    What baffles me alot is that for someone who hasn’t said “I Love You” more than twenty times in his life…(this according to HJ himself when they were supposed to say I’m sorry if he chooses to end the marriage & i love you if he wanna go on with it)…in this episode he said “I Love You” 2x..the Aegio & after the song…one wonders…hmmm

  2. Vanessa says:

    I love this ep i loved it when he sang to her i almost cryed. But it sweet and
    that’s the best prestent ever if it was me and good thing she loved it.

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